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An editorial review can show you how your work flows and where it might stumble, helping you shape your writing to a professional standard.

An editorial review can help you identify where and why a manuscript is failing to hold the reader's attention, spot strengths and weaknesses in the writing and help move a final draft to a finished manuscript. Conversely, if a book is already working well, a professional book review can give you the confidence to proceed to print. Excerpts of praise from an editorial review can also prove very useful when it comes to marketing the finished book.


Your submission should always include a brief synopsis, describing the work as a whole and the interaction of the plot lines. Keeping to essentials, this synopsis should be no more than 350 words. Please outline

  1. The genre

  2. The intended reader

  3. Main characters

  4. One sentence plot description

  5. Areas where you would like specific feedback from the editor

In addition to notes, conclusion and recommendations, the book report covers the following areas: 


Are characters credible, are their actions natural, can we see their emotions?

Plot coherence & development

Are there sufficient twists and turns in the plot to capture and sustain the reader's attention? Does everything hang together, and do all the plot strands weave back in towards a conclusion?


Is it convincing, sustained and suited to the characters?


Does the flow and sequence of events hold strong? Are there weak points? Does it start at a good pace and slow down towards the end, or are we on a roller coaster? Is the book paced correctly for the genre?


How easy is the book to read? Does it flow? Is it something that people will enjoy reading?

Character development

Do characters grow and develop throughout the piece?


Is there a compelling opening and a strong conclusion?

Writing skills

Is there a sense of atmosphere, pace and tension?


Is this a story that has not been told before?


Who is the target audience and is the writing well aimed?


How does the piece fit with the current market? Is it sufficiently different from others on the market, or does it lie in an unexploited niche?

Editorial review charges

First chapter assessment, or the first 5,000 words — £50

Up to 10,000 words — £100

Up to 25,000 words — £150

Over 25,000 words — £150 + £25 for each additional 5,000 words

Over 100,000 words — from £299*

Book proposal assessment — £60

*For manuscripts over 100,000 words, please discuss the level of support you are looking for and we will quote a bespoke price to suit your needs.

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