Pyjama Press Ready to Go

publishing package — £399


You can choose from a selection of industry standard formats, trade paperback, hardback or colour book.

  1. Your book will be available to purchase from over 30,000 on-line booksellers worldwide

  2. Free listing for the first three years

  3. The wholesale availability will be arranged for you through our global distribution partners 

  4. Any royalty payments will be paid annually

  5. You will keep all rights to your work

  6. You will receive 5 copies of your printed book

  7. You will be able to order more books at author price

  8. The delivery will be 3 to 6 days. or 5 to 10 working days for colour and hardback books

Our printers operate in the UK, USA and Australia making worldwide distribution easier.


This package is ideal when you have written your manuscript, you have confidence it is finished, polished, error-free and ready to be set into book format.

  1. You supply your manuscript as a text file

  2. Pyjama Press sets this to industry standard

  3. An electronic proof is sent for your approval

  4. One round of author corrections is included

  5. A copyright verso page is included

  6. A full colour cover is designed for you

  7. Your book is given an ISBN number and all administration done on your behalf

  8. Your book is held at a leading digital press

  9. Copies are sent to 6 legal library deposits on your behalf

Contact   +44 (0)1626 775789